Today I laughed.  I laughed a lot.  I have not laughed so much in a few days.  Perhaps real human interaction is necessary for real laughter.  It felt cathartic.  I never knew it could be so cathartic.  

Laughter is like alcohol, tea, and essentially everything and every other phenomenon, you learn to appreciate it most in smaller quantities–or perhaps, the right quantity.  Just like in economics, there is an equilibrium or steady state of maximum utility.  Just like in calculus, there is a critical point or point of inflection where the maximum occurs.  

There are some periods in my life when I laugh too much.  There was too much laughter.  If you associate laughter with happiness, you can say that there was too much happiness.  There was too much happiness for me to meaningfully appreciate each moment.  Sometimes, we need a slower pace of life in order to savor every bite.  


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