Is there ever a common ruler to measure people for anything? 

Everyone is ultimately different, with different life stories, different ways of thought, different ways of expression? 

What is considered outrageous in one culture may be perfectly normal in another.

Where do we draw the lines?  Why do we draw the lines? 

Why do we not let kids draw outside of the lines?  

Is it because the majority of us are so dull that we want everyone else to be equally dull? 


Warrior of Love

Most people experience being hurt in romantic relationships at least at one point in their lives.

Why are people so willing to put themselves out there time and time again?

Perhaps, in order to maintain the longevity of our species, we have also been naturally selected to put “body over mind” at the most critical conjunctions.

Is it our bodily or emotional needs that make us such brave warriors in the name of “love”?

Lavender Honey

Today is Saturday and Saturday is Farmers’ Market.  I sampled some Thyme Pizza, Spearmint Lemonade, Lavender Honey, and Chives Cheese.  Aside from from the Lavender Honey, the rest were mediocre at best.  To be fair to the thyme and spearmint, I am not a fan of mintiness in my food and beverages.  

The Lavender Honey was amazing and overbearing at the same time.  It might have been because of the summer heat, but the viscosity of the honey was more akin to that of water.  The sample dripped all over my fingers.  The first taste hits you like a bomb.  The taste of the lavender predominates the honey and takes it over almost completely.  I had imagined only a hint of lavender.  Once the initial surprise is over and my taste buds have adjusted though, I definitely tasted the warm, viscous honey from the licking of my fingers.  Tasting the honey felt beautiful under the summer sun–for a moment I could close my eyes and see myself in big meadow with wildflowers abloom and the   merciful sun beaming through my bonnet.  

In the end, I left the market with some string beans, arugula, and green squash.  I left without the lavender honey.  The strong lavender flavor reminded me too much of soap.  But, it has left me a deep impression.  Perhaps, next time. 

Quietness and Steak Cravings

To be able to appreciate the quietness of your surroundings and spend time alone by thyself is like practicing a form of art.  It helps you build tremendous awareness.  Only after removing all the distractions can you see life for what it truly is.  The meaning of life is within ourselves.

Today, my friend who just returned from a sojourn asked me why I was isolating myself from the world.  I told her that it is peaceful and relaxing for my inner harmony.

Once you embark on a journey of isolationism, you start to become very acute of yourself, of both mind and body.  You become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of both.  I become especially more aware of the nuances in my bodily drives and needs, including the various shades of thirst and hunger.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our social worlds and networking priorities, that we forget to take time to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.  We succumb to pragmatic capitalism of our daily lives.   The deepest needs of our bodies and minds are easily suppressed or we choose the quickest, most convenient solutions that only serve to temporarily alleviate the symptoms.


Sometimes you get so caught up in the details of life that you lose sight of your overall struggle.   

Is the added productivity worth toiling your life away in front of a computer screen, on a mobile device, every moment of your life?  

The Forgotten America

Yesterday, I read an Op-Ed on New York Times about the backgrounds of successful and unsuccessful presidents.  Teddy Roosevelt, having been through many traumatic episodes in his life, sympathized with the average American.  He ran his campaign for “the forgotten man.”  

Today, on a service trip to plant community gardens in Petersburg, Virginia, I came face-to-face with forgotten America.  It is the America that never enjoyed the fruits of development, but suffers fully with the economic pitfalls from Wall Street and Main Street.  Residential streets are proliferate with abandoned and foreclosed houses from the 2008 housing crisis.  

Incredibly steeped with the Civil Rights Movement and Civil War history, a drive through old town Petersburg is like travelling back in time.  Much of the architecture is from the Civil War era.  The Bluebird Theater, where Martin Luther King Jr. held one of his first civil rights demonstrations, is still erect today.  Robert E. Lee also fought his last battle of the Civil War right here.  

The city, which is predominantly populated by African Americans, is a pinnacle of shattered dreams.  The community continues to be segregated along racial lines, that are in line with socioeconomic class division.  The city government wants to revive the community and bring job growth through gentrification, as evidenced by signs for “Luxury Lofts.”  At the same time, the city cannot even fulfill the basic needs of the populations.  We are helping with a local nonprofit organization’s effort to plant community gardens because the poverty-ridden areas in the city are considered to be food deserts.