Mind over matter?

Today, I talked to a friend about my need to “hibernate” intermittently.  By hibernating, I basically mean becoming a recluse.  I thrive on these periods of nearly absolute isolation.  This is not a concept that many of the people around me seem to understand.  I love retreating into my inner mind.  It is an endless abyss.  My friend responded by expressing her belief in how each individual’s personal lived experience can change the universe.  This is an idea that I had once briefly dabbled with.  It reminded me of the conception expressed in Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol about how the thoughts of the masses can alter the natural world.  I would like to explore this notion further.


The Circle of Life

I’ve spent a few years exploring myself, exploring who I could have become, perhaps.  In the end, my conclusion is that people cannot change.  In the end, we return to what we are most comfortable with, and that is our own skin. We can only be ourselves.  Ultimately, we become who are are.  And this is someone that we know clearly, at a young age and yet grow uncertain about in our high school and college years.  So, I challenge you to dabble in everything and re-find yourself.