Life, holograms, and contradictions

I am sitting here, freezing in the cold from the opening and closing of the exit at Starbucks.  It seems that this shop was designed so that people would not stay for long.  Almost all the few tables are by doorways.  Somehow, I am supposed to be on spring break and yet it has been snow flurries and freezing cold.  Again, it makes me realize how when basic human needs are not met, we cannot possibly reach our potential.  I can hardly focus on my work as I am shivering and squirming every time someone opens the door to exit.  Imagine if I had hunger or starvation to this.  How could I be productive at all?  

Yet, there are people who say that our modern comforts have made us lose sight of what is truly important in life.  

I always find the contradictions in life to be most interesting.  I don’t think contradictions exist because people have flawed logical reasoning power or merely as a result of different perspectives.  I think that each side of a contradiction tells the same story.  There are contradictions because human life is a complicated story to tell.  One contradiction tells not just its own story, but the story of life with all of the other contradictions.  It is like holograms where each bit of a hologram contains the information to produce the entire hologram.  Each contradiction should not be taken at its face-value.  A thorough understanding of each contradiction is required, as each contradiction can tell the entire story of human life.  Contradictions are the critical level where information about our lives are captured.