old thoughts and new thoughts

Perhaps my title is silly as new thoughts always contain some component of old thoughts.  Part of trying to be an academic is attempting to isolate various strands of thought and thought-processes in order to really get to the core of how each component idea came about.  In this process of attempted objective analysis, one can begin to lose touch with one’s own life as a person in this society.  Therein lies the great irony of being a social scientist.  In order to study human behavior and societal processes, we try to remove our bias by removing ourselves as being part of the equation of society.  Taken to an extreme, social scientists can almost entirely lose grasp of his/her personalized understanding, in which case it is almost like the person loses his/her existence in society.  Instead of being a participating agent, the social scientist can take on a ghost-like existence, observing society without affecting what is being observed by essentially rendering themselves invisible and unaffected by earthly processes.


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