buddhism and life

It seems that Buddhism is the antithesis to human life.  If there is no desire, then there is no suffering.  Perhaps in theory it would be nice to live life at peace and without suffering, but if one has no desire whatsoever in life, how can one continue living?  If there is no desire in the strict sense, how is there motivation to even continue living?  At least one has to desire to continue living on some level in order to live, right?  And there goes the suffering and struggles that come along with desiring to live.  I guess Buddhism is about not being concerned with material gratification and that everything in this material life is pointless. So, true Buddhists should relinquish their desire to live and end their lives?  But then, is there still some sort of desire for some sort of ultimate enlightenment that will be achieved in a world beyond this material life? 


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