Jack Donaghy

30 Rock’s Jack Donaghy is a person that I cannot quite figure out.  To me, that is quite impressive for a tv character.  He is like a human puzzle that intrigues me, increasingly.  I used to only watch the show intermittently for the quick laughs.  But, I have started to watch the show all the way from the beginning and it really gives me a new perspective.  Kind of like a one-night-stand vs. legitimately investing in a longer-term relationship.  

It’s easy to just watch from afar, laugh and then forget, until the next time.  But, imagining Jack Donaghy as a person that I may come across in real life–felt preposterous.  There always seems to be another side to him.  Before I started to watch the show all the way from the beginning, I had mostly focused my attention on Liz Lemon–seemingly the protagonist.  It didn’t take long for me to find her relatable and somewhat predictable.  I was able to fit her into a paradigm that I could understand.  The character that I initially assumed to be peripheral and cliche, actually turned out to be, in my opinion, the most complex.  I cannot figure out Jack Donaghy.  More and more, I feel like he is actually the central figure in the stories.  At every turn there is a contradiction.  Some contradictions make sense together, but I cannot figure out how his contradictions all come together.  I wish to meet such an interesting figure in real life.  An onion with infinite layers, there is always another layer to peel.