Up before the sun

Many people start their commute in the dark.  In the summer months, the routine involves seeing sunrise during each morning commute.  However, in the winter months, the entire drive is one of darkness.  Sunrise is not witnessed until about an hour or so into the workday.  Is this depressing?  

Perhaps most things in life are not hard or not hard to bear.  The key lies in what we are used to.  Aware or not aware, we have habits.  Some are bad and some are fine.  One we are comfortable with holding pencil in certain way for twenty years, we find other people’s methods as difficult.  However, in reality, one is not more difficult than another.  It is a matter of being accustomed or not.  Our minds and bodies are the same way.  However, our malleability declines with age, at a rate that is not equal for any two persons. 

Often, life is a process of training oneself.  We are training ourselves to become more adept for this society.  In life, we are our own coaches.  We battle our bodily desires and extrinsic temptations daily.  Why does America run on coffee?  Daily, we are combatting our desire and, often, need to sleep by engaging in socially-endorsed substance abuse.  Really, it is no different from a monastic lifestyle.  We are constantly training ourselves.  We are all trying to achieve something, whether the attainment is material or spiritual.  We continue to live because somewhere in the depths of darkness, we each seek something.  That something can be as basic as the evolutionary desire to perpetuate life.    


Sipping coffee

I am sitting here, sipping coffee at a Cosi.
People come in and out.  Does everyone have a purpose here?

Some appear to be just waiting, like me.
Waiting for what?
I oft ask myself the same question.

The rainy weather is ironically sobering.

Life itself is not attractive enough for people to be sufficiently awake without the assistance of caffeine.