Bittersweet beginnings, bittersweet endings

Today is another day, a new start.

I have returned to my familiar work surrounding, but you can also say that it is once again a new surrounding for me.  Perhaps this can be called another beginning.  All beginnings have an ending.  So, is this a beginning or an ending?

We ask questions of whether life events and happenings are beginnings or endings because we are concerned with whether we are about to go through or have lived through a pivotal point of our lives.  That is how we see our lives and organize our life stories–using milestones and life-changing moments as points of reference.  It is the choices that we make, whether out of our free will or not, when we come to these major forks in the road that come to define our lives.

After all, are these so-called pivotal moments really as important as we perceive them to be?

Perhaps they are not.  Perhaps every decision and choice that you make, every day in your life is equally important.  Perhaps, at these so-called critical points, it is the aggregate build-up of each and every decision in the past that determines the journey you choose at the fork.