Lavender Honey

Today is Saturday and Saturday is Farmers’ Market.  I sampled some Thyme Pizza, Spearmint Lemonade, Lavender Honey, and Chives Cheese.  Aside from from the Lavender Honey, the rest were mediocre at best.  To be fair to the thyme and spearmint, I am not a fan of mintiness in my food and beverages.  

The Lavender Honey was amazing and overbearing at the same time.  It might have been because of the summer heat, but the viscosity of the honey was more akin to that of water.  The sample dripped all over my fingers.  The first taste hits you like a bomb.  The taste of the lavender predominates the honey and takes it over almost completely.  I had imagined only a hint of lavender.  Once the initial surprise is over and my taste buds have adjusted though, I definitely tasted the warm, viscous honey from the licking of my fingers.  Tasting the honey felt beautiful under the summer sun–for a moment I could close my eyes and see myself in big meadow with wildflowers abloom and the   merciful sun beaming through my bonnet.  

In the end, I left the market with some string beans, arugula, and green squash.  I left without the lavender honey.  The strong lavender flavor reminded me too much of soap.  But, it has left me a deep impression.  Perhaps, next time.