Time for an adventure

This grandma is preparing for a new adventure.  Perhaps, the biggest adventure of her lifetime.

A few nights ago, I had an extended conversation with friends over a few drinks about our ideas on ‘nature’ vs. ‘nurture’ vs. ‘personality’. My hypothesis is that our ‘nature’ is a primordial seed that determines how we react to external stimuli from the very beginning of our existence. The stimuli that we receive constitute the ‘nurture’. Over time, when met with new stimuli, our reaction also takes into account our past reactions to stimuli and their consequences. This evolving amalgam of ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ forms our personality.

Today, faced with a new shock to my planned equilibrium path, I hope that my personality is reacting in the right way. A new adventure will bring forth new perspectives and growth–and perhaps, more importantly, a renewed sense of purpose.  I don’t think I’m enlightened enough to live without purpose yet.

This new adventure will bring me face to face with new stimuli that I have never imagined.  I wonder how I will evolve from here.


My Ideal Retirement

I want to have a farm-to-table restaurant.  In farm/garden, I will harvest the freshest vegetables.  I will source meats locally from partner farms.  I will serve only locally sustainable seafoods.  Not only is farm-to-table a sustainable way of life, but I believe that the best food comes from using the freshest ingredients and the freshest ingredients are found locally.  And in a certain locale, because of climate and other environmental factors, certain plants and animals grow to their fullest potential.  My philosophy is that the chef’s job is to bring out the fullest potential in the freshest ingredients.  Therefore, the battle is half-fought when you have the prime of its line in ingredients.  Take what the locale has to offer and amplify the natural flavors.  I believe that cooking, like everything else in this world, must follow the flow of nature.  In trying to enhance the experience of the human palate and nutritional wellbeing, we should not defy nature.  Like Hushpuppy emphasizes in Beasts of the Southern WIld, all pieces in nature fit together, even one little piece being out of place can destroy the balance of the entire universe.