Somethings you can only understand after someone has passed

You will always wonder if you should have spend more time together.

I realize that no matter what, one will have have such questions on the back of one’s mind. Instead of using up mental space to ponder the “what ifs,” spending time to understand people after they have passed is a more valuable use of time. Going through my grandfather’s things, I found that he kept the ages of each one of us in the family following traditional Chinese methods of keeping track of years. It is not very obvious. If one doesn’t take the time to really observe, one could easily miss the fact that he was keep track of specific people. From this process, I learned that some things just aren’t spoken, There is always more to learn about each person and there will be some things that can only be learned from carefully going their work after they have deceased. Moreover, the way in which a person is understood can never be separated from the perspective or curation of the person trying to understand. My image of my grandfather will be very different from my father’s or my sister’s. Inevitably, we each strive to project onto the dead our hopes of what they ought to be.



Sometimes I feel that we do not spend enough time trying to understand those closest to us.  Sometimes you can find the most surprising things about those most near and dear to you.  This is a toast to not taking people for granted.  This is fairly cliche, but sadly too often the case.  Sometimes, I feel as though it is the act of trying to care more and understand more that is heartwarming for oneself.  It is the act of trying to be more human that makes us feel more human.  Perhaps, the psychological finding of how in actuality, it is the action that justifies the attitude can apply in this scenario as well.